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Pomeroy's Natural Wonders

Appalachia, known for its deep valleys and high hills, is one of the nation’s best kept secrets. Abundant in natural resources, those who first inhabited the land took use of it.

W. Va.'s Delicious Hidden Gem

When you think of culinary cuisine, most would imagine foods commonly not found on a backyard grill. While hotdogs, hamburgers, and fried foods may be mouthwatering American staples, they typically don't give you that same perception of opulence or exclusive delicacy.

Ohio's Dirt Track Dynasty

Ron Mayle has led the pack in countless races throughout the years. Throughout multiple division championships and breathtaking wins, he’s built his life around his love for dirt track racing. Many others like him have made the sport popular throughout Appalachia, where it’s more than just a spectacle.

Coolville: Small Town, Church

The best gems of Southeast Ohio are the hidden ones. One of these is Coolville, Ohio. About 30 minutes outside Athens, the nearest city, Coolville holds a population of only 496 people as of the 2010 U.S. Census. However, don’t be fooled by its size.


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