Our Approach

Our Mission

Valley Reality tells visual stories about communities living in the Appalachian Valley. We are based in Southeast Ohio, so that is our epicenter, but this region stretches across parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Through innovative storytelling techniques like 360-degree video, non-linear storytelling and virtual reality, we hope to bring these regions to life like never before.

Our Story

Meet the teams is created and maintained by senior journalism students at Ohio University. In addition to producing stories, each member is part of a team that has a unique role.

Design Team

Corinne Rivers, Adam Bloir, Logan Leduc, Max Ramsey

Editing Team

Maddie Ogden, Jack Boden, Charlotte Caldwell, Shel Burton, Claire Milano

Social Team

Mia White, Haleigh Veeley, Caitlin Hunt, Cole Behrens

Livestream Team

Brad Walker, William Meyer, Alejandro Figuero, Nick Henthorn