A look at the Athens County Food Pantry

The Athens County Food Pantry works to ensure the people in this community do not go hungry. Not only do the volunteers at the pantry give people food, but they provide a sense of safety while making their clients feel valued.

The ongoing pandemic has created a need for many changes in how this nonprofit goes about serving its clients what they need, but the volunteers are working as hard as ever to help the community and will not be discouraged.

If you can’t drive all the way to the food pantry, good news! The pantry can come closer to you. Since January the food pantry has taken measures into their own hands by taking the pantry “on the road”. 

Click though the photos below to learn more about the pantry and how it has adapted due to COVID-19.

2 thoughts on “A look at the Athens County Food Pantry”

  1. London, Ohio, where I reside, the pantry is named HELP. Encompasses everything: food, money, gas gift cards, clothes and many other essentials.

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