An Update from the Members of Valley Reality

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we have posted on the website given the circumstances of COVID-19. As a reminder, the contributors of Valley Reality are all seniors at Ohio University. I can’t speak for everyone, but we are all devastated that our final weeks in Athens have been taken away. We all understand that it was the right decision, but by no means does it make this any easier.

With that being said, I’m Thomas Garverick, the current Sports Director of WOUB-TV. I work on the Valley Reality social media team and have been out to Circleville to do a story on the Octagon house, a historic landmark in the area. Had our lives not been interrupted by the Coronavirus, we were in the early stages of creating a virtual reality tour of the house. We will do our best to still do that.

Dimple Times members Thomas Garverick, Dom Massa, and Hannah Moskowitz visiting the Octagon House.

As I’m writing this post, COVID-19 has made it’s way to Athens County, the home of many who read this blog. On March 25, Ohio University President Duane Nellis announced that a student has a confirmed case. On March 26, the first case of an Athens County resident with the Coronavirus had been confirmed.

Testing is limited across the country, but that is especially the case in Athens County. You have already heard this several times, but wash your hands, practice social distancing and stay inside!

This disease is unlike anything that we have seen. It’s affecting people of all ages. For someone who loves to be active, cover sports and be around people, this has been extremely difficult.

So, I’ll provide some ideas of things to do with friends (in groups of less than 10!) and your family):

  1. Support your local food business! They need you now more than ever.
  2. Find a good TV show/movie series. I’ve been watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and re-watching the Marvel series. For the first time, you’re encouraged to be a couch potato
  3. Play board games! As a big fan of board games, I hope this time encourages people my age to play games. Clue, Euchre, Farkle are a few of my favorites!
  4. Most importantly: stay in touch with your people!

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