Nursing student gives Covid-19 vaccines

Kaitlynd Frasier is currently a junior in Ohio University’s nursing program, working towards getting her RN. Today, Frasier was a part of history.

The class of 2022 nursing students from OU volunteered to give out COVID-19 vaccinations for the first time ever. Frasier, along with her classmates, gave out vaccinations for approximately eight hours at Perry County Health Department in New Lexington, Ohio. 

“I was a little nervous because I haven’t given a real injection to a person before, but the nurses and my instructor made me feel comfortable and prepared. I was also paired with two other girls which was comforting so that we could help each other.”

Kaitlynd Frasier

It was moving to see so many people there who wanted to get vaccinated, she said. Due to looser vaccine restrictions, people of all ages, from early 20’s to mid-70’s, attended.

“I was nervous about [patients] reactions to student nurses giving the vaccines,” she said. “In fact, one lady requested not to have a student nurse. All in all, many were nice and excited about [the students] being volunteers. They were just happy to get it over with.”

Frasier explained that many of the patients coming in were getting the second dose of the vaccine. No one was really nervous. The room was just filled with relief and excitement. 

The nursing program is not sure when or if they will be giving COVID-19 vaccines again, but Frasier said it was an experience she will never forget.

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