President and Founder of Ohio University’s MSNA

Alexandria Madry is the president and founder of a new student organization at Ohio University, the Multicultural Student Nursing Association (MSNA). She is from the Dublin, Ohio area and is currently living on Ohio University’s campus as a resident advisor (RA). Madry is currently a junior in Ohio University’s nursing program and as a sophomore, she founded her own organization, the Multicultural Student Nursing Association.

“Looking at our country’s history, it’s obvious that African American students are already put at a disadvantage, especially at a predominately white institution. [Administrators] don’t necessarily know the best way to advocate for Black students, because this institution wasn’t built for us.”

Alexandria Madry

Madry said in an interview that there aren’t many people of color in the nursing program she is in and that it is difficult to get guidance from people who don’t necessarily look like her.

It was fairly easy to create her own student organization on campus, she said. She had to go to the student center and fill out paperwork to be approved, but it took hardly any time for that to happen. Still being a fresh and new club, there are many things people don’t know about the organization.

“I feel like when people hear ‘multicultural’, they think it’s a group just for African American students, but this isn’t the case; it’s for anybody who is part of a minority group who can join. We’re here to help people be successful and just advocate for the community.”

Alexandria Madry

Madry has continued to make a difference throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and hasn’t given up on her team that she has worked so hard to create and grow. Madry said she hopes that she can continue recruiting and meeting with her group in person soon. Madry believes her organization has made a difference day-by-day and anticipates the team to keep moving forward after she graduates next year.

For those interested in joining OU’s MSNA, Madry is always accepting and welcoming new members. More information can be found on the Ohio University website.

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