Some COVID-19 changes business have made, such as outdoor dining, concerts, will continue

Changes resulting from the pandemic have been necessary in order for survival and regular life to ensue, and some of them seem positive for the long run.

Businesses throughout Ohio have continued to adapt their locations to provide more opportunities for socially-distanced gathering in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The state has already experienced an increase in the availability of outdoor spaces but will also be welcoming events like drive-in concerts, expanding the availability of food trucks and more.

Westland Mall in Columbus, like many brick-and-mortar retail locations, has had a rough existence in recent years. Stores are closing and many spaces are vacant. However, the old shopping destination brought back an addition from last year: drive-in concerts. The series of shows has around 20 dates planned so far and will feature artists from a wide variety of genres.

Another establishment in Ohio’s capital city that is welcoming change is The Top steakhouse. The Top has been a Columbus staple since the mid-1950s and has recently announced the expansion of their outdoor patio. For a restaurant that has hung on to its identity without major changes for years, this is big news. According to an interview conducted by Columbus Underground, the owners feel expansion is the right move even as COVID-19 appears to be cooling down. The patio will be over three times larger than the original, which was built in 2005.

Although the pandemic is –– and has been –– a major drain on lives and businesses, changes like these seem positive. Although I’m not sure if the term “silver lining” is appropriate, adaptations like these are welcome and I bet they’re here to stay after we’re out from underneath the dark cloud that has been COVID-19.

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