The Drugstore at O’Bleness Offering COVID Vaccine

With spring right around the corner, there is finally some good news regarding the pandemic. The Drugstore at O’Bleness is now offering the COVID-19 vaccine. While this is not the first place in Athens to offer the vaccine, it will definitely make it easier to access.

Even though the vaccine is not being offered to the majority of college students yet, there is progress being made. Athens County is currently in phase 1c of the rollout and will be entering phase 2 soon. This means that any individual 60 years old or older will be eligible to get the vaccine. As of now, nearly 3,000 people have finished the vaccination process in Athens County.

While phase 2 of the vaccine rollout does not include most college students, there is still hope. Cases are already going down in Athens and restrictions are being lifted. Ohio University is already making changes, such as giving the students the option of participating in an in-person graduation ceremony. As the sun begins to come out and the weather warms up, we will hopefully continue to see changes made for the better. While we may never go back to what we once knew as normal, we can expect something close.

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