Welcome Back To Valley Reality

Welcome back to Valley Reality, a place where the stories of Appalachia are brought to life by the magic of virtual reality. This blog post kicks off another great semester filled with creative ventures. Daily updates on the work of our student teams will be provided as we work on broader projects.

Who are we? Well, we are a group of highly talented and driven Ohio University seniors who will be graduating with degrees from one of the best communication schools in the country. We come from widely diverse backgrounds and have different goals for our futures. But, we have a unified goal this semester—to tell good stories.

Although many have called this area of the country “fly-over” territory, those that live here know just how awe-inspiring Appalachia can be. It is home to amazing views of nature, interesting man-made structures, and some amazing people with amazing stories.

We all know Appalachia is filled with a lot of hardship, creating stories of perseverance and survival. We will tell these stories. We will try to shed a light on some of these hardships, to try and light a better path.

What will I be involved in? Well, I am a member of the live events team, meaning I will connect with the audience through live social media events. We want our readers and viewers to engage with our content and our creative process.

We want those within the valley, the ones that craft its reality, to be a huge piece of valleyreality.org. Let the storytelling begin.

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