Dirt Track Dynasty

Ron Mayle has led the pack in countless races throughout the years. Throughout multiple division championships and breathtaking wins, he’s built his life around his love for dirt track racing. Many others like him have made the sport popular throughout Appalachia, where it’s more than just a spectacle. For Mayle, it’s a tradition, and one that he hopes to pass on. The history of past wins and the heroes that have come before him are alive on the walls of his garage, which are almost entirely covered in memories. Twisted metal from wrecks hang proudly beside jubilant photos from the winner’s circle. It’s the same garage where he works on his car and spends time with his grandson, who he hopes to pass down his racing knowledge too.

Mayle’s story sits comfortably in between where dirt track racing has been and where it’s going. Click on the above image to go inside the life of racers.

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