Wacky West Virginia’s Delicious Hidden Gem

When you think of culinary cuisine, most would imagine foods commonly not found on a backyard grill. While hotdogs, hamburgers, and fried foods may be mouthwatering American staples, they typically don’t give you that same perception of opulence or exclusive delicacy. But the thing is that no one said that culinary cuisine needed to be fancy, which is exactly why Hillbilly Hot Dogs is a resounding success.

Settled in Lesage, West Virginia on Ohio Valley Road, you’ll come across what some may think of as an old abandoned junkyard. However, all you have to do is pull in to see this property come alive. Graffitied school busses, knick knacks, wooden planks, worn memorabilia, old cars, and clutter are practically everywhere. But towering above the chaos sets the world’s largest hotdog with a beautiful sign “Hillbilly Hot Dogs” which is beyond recognizable.

Owned by Sonny and Sharie Knight, a love story took this wild business venture into a highly visited tourist destination. Tourists from across the world have ventured to see what Hillbilly Hot Dogs has to offer over the last 17 years of being in business. The business was started out of a love story and that love has transferred into the food being so good that even famous Food Network star, Guy Fiere featured Hillbilly Hot Dogs on his hit show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

For our project, we take you on a detour to what we believe as one of West Virginia’s hidden gems all thanks to the Knight family. Get hitched at the wedding chapel, have some grub in the school bus, or check out your favorite knick knacks outside – this place has it all.

To take a virtual reality tour of Hillbilly Hot Dogs, dive in here.

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