Doctors Are Using VR to do Mock Surgeries

You’ve probably heard of flight simulation, but what about surgery simulation? Well, it’s happening and it’s revolutionizing how doctors train for operations.

This simulation provides doctors with the option to get more practice before the operating room. It’s also making surgeon training safer.

The program simulates the experience of a real surgery with the user being equipped with virtual instruments, a virtual operating room, and a virtual patient.  Dr. Peter Sculco, who is the co-chair of the BioSkills Education Lab at the Hospital for Special Surgery, said in an interview with CBS New York that he can see the true value in virtual reality surgeries.

“Patients can be sure that their surgeon or their trainee has gone through a simulation many times and has quantitatively shown that they can perform the procedure safely,” Sculco said in the CBS interview.

This is a great opportunity for surgeons to get the hands on experience they need. It’s also a good way for surgeons to brush up on any techniques and continue refining their skills. The surgeries range from simple to complex, with no limit on what can be done.

This program serves as a reminder that it is only the beginning of virtual reality popping up in more and more work places everyday.

Image Credit: Touch Surgery

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