OHIO Giving Day

Today was the first annual OHIO Giving Day at Ohio University! If there’s one thing Bobcats love, it’s being a Bobcat and supporting Ohio University.

The 24-hour online campaign is designed to create funding for multiple Ohio University causes, such as: sustainability, community, student support, bobcat spirit, diversity and inclusion, and academic excellence. It encourages alumni, students, faculty, friends, and family to donate to the cause they care about the most.

Image Credit: Ohio Today News

According to the OHIO Giving Day website, almost 1,000 Bobcats have raised over $143,000 to their favorite causes at Ohio University. However, the campaign runs until midnight tonight, and the hope is to raise $200,000 before the day is over.

Nico Karagosian, vice president of University Advancement and president and CEO of The Ohio University Foundation, said in an interview with Ohio Today, “Giving Day is about channeling that passion into a day dedicated to Bobcat spirit and providing our OHIO family a way to get involved with the University that is meaningful to them, life changing for our students and life affirming for Ohio University.”

The campaign has been trending on social media all day, with the hashtag #OHIOGivingDay. Overall, this is a fantastic idea. It gives the chance for anyone who loves Ohio University to donate to the part they are most passionate about. Believe me when I say, Bobcats are VERY passionate about their school.

Image Credit: OHIO Giving Day Website

There’s still some time left to give if you choose to, on Ohio’s main website, or on the OHIO Giving Day website, until midnight tonight. Whether it’s $1 or $100, a difference is going to be made with it!

Featured Image Credit: Ohio University

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