Glouster: A little city of black diamonds

Glouster and its surrounding communities in Trimble Township were once thriving during the boom era of the coal industry. 

At its peak, the coal industry reached a record 55 million ton extraction in 1970 in the state of Ohio, in part, through technological advances that allowed for efficient methods of excavation. This, however, required fewer workers given that machinery could extract more coal faster and safer. Then, the federal government passed sweeping laws that further regulated the industry and the demand for coal has since declined steadily. 

Now, communities which were once primarily economically dependent on the coal industry — sometimes referred to as little cities of black diamonds — are looking ahead, while also remembering the legacy of coal, and working toward bringing a much needed economic boost in the hopes of preserving their history for decades ahead. Click through the images below to see how one of those cities, Glouster, Ohio, is adapting.

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