Groundhog finds new home

The neighborhood of N. Congress St. welcomed its latest resident in the form of a groundhog this last month. On April 18 the well-fed marmot was spotted peeking out of his burrow underneath the deck of 126 N. Congress.

The neighbors of 128 N. Congress immediately took notice of the occasion, as did my roommates and I at 130 N. Congress.

Breakfast was being burnt as Gabe said, “Holy hog, guys!”

A groundhog
Gabe, of 130 N. Congress, who initially spotted the groundhog.

We rushed out to see the groundhog looking away from us, unflinchingly. He knew he was being watched, but he hadn’t come out of his home to deal with the likes of us.

He never even glanced over at us. Eventually, two roommates grew tired and hungry and stopped looking at the groundhog to resume overcooking their breakfast.

Tony and Pickles of 128 N. Congress.

Tony and I sat out there for a few minutes when he said, “When’s groundhog day again?” to which I said, “I think sometime in February,” but I didn’t know for sure and still don’t.

He said, “So he missed it?” and I said I thought so.

Tony looked dejected, “So what’s he doing out here then?” he said. I didn’t know, and he said “Well, he’s standing in the shadow of the house, right?”

The rodent was indeed standing in the shadow of the house, eclipsing any chance of a shadow it might have had.

“So he don’t see his shadow,” said Tony. “So what’s that mean, something like four more weeks of corona?”

I told him I think he’s a sick individual.

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