Valley Reality Status Update: Spring 2020 stories will start publishing today

Like a lot of news organizations, the Covid-19 pandemic hit this news and information website hard. When students didn’t return to campus, a lot of the great work we had planned fell by the wayside.

Fortunately our site doesn’t have to worry about ad revenue losses, which is forcing many news organizations to enact furloughs and even layoffs. The students in this class, however, found a way to push through.

They may not have been able to finish the full virtual reality profiles of the three communities we partnered with this semester – Circleville, Marietta, and Zanesville – but they found stories and even non-linear presentations closer to home.

Valley Reality will feature their work over the next two weeks. We’ll publish one story at day, and we hope you tune in. Please support these students and their efforts to complete the education on a high note.

Think about supporting a news organization close to you so they too can persevere in these difficult times. One thing we have learned the last few months is how much we rely on journalists to tell us the real story.

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