Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!

Nestled in a hole-in-the-wall on West State Street lies one of Athens, Ohio’s hidden gems- O’Betty’s Red Hot! Although O’Betty’s is known as the smallest building in Uptown Athens, its menu is quite extensive and features a variety of wieners and their famous French fries. The hot dogs are of excellent quality and come with an array of toppings, whether you chose one of their specialties or build your own. Furthermore, their daily hand-cut fries are always made to a perfect crisp, have so much packed in flavor whether Cajun or not (yes, they have Cajun fries!) and pair perfectly with the mountainous toppings you may add.

Customers love how much fun they have with their menu, including items with names such as “The Tempest” and their famous “Dixie” dog. The chili and cheese are a match made in heaven if paired with the fries OR atop of a hot dog. And although their hot dogs are 100 percent all-beef, many prefer their vegetarian dog because of its explosion of flavors. Another reason O’Betty’s is such an Athens favorite is because products always use fresh, never frozen, meat from natural casings in Ohio that have no fillers, are robustly seasoned and “snap” when you bite into them. O’Betty’s prides itself in using homemade, fresh and local ingredients whenever possible.

However, there are two special things about O’Betty’s most non-frequent visitors may not know. First, O’Betty’s is also a museum that features burlesque photos, hot dog memorabilia including (but not limited to) hot dog shaped cars, cooking utensils, candy, clothing, and children’s as well as cooking books. Secondly, O’Betty’s is open for a late-night treat!! While the known “go-to’s” may vary from your Big Mama’s to Wendy’s, O’Betty’s is one of the better late night crave options that won’t break the bank and make tomorrow’s hangover a bit more bearably delicious.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a visit! This place will easily become one of your favorites! Thank me later.

Check out their Yelp! review if you don’t believe us.

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