Reflecting on Valley Reality

Valley Reality hosted its live event on Wednesday, April 30 for members of the Athens community. The Athens Public Library was home to this event, and although it doesn’t sound that “lively” it was actually a great success! I think I can speak for everyone when I say we spent a lot of time and hard work on our interactive projects. Luckily, all that hard work paid off because members of the community really enjoyed them. Most teams had laptops available to interact with and some had the VR goggles that allowed viewers to watch on their phones.
The event turned out really well; however, it could’ve been the free Chipotle that really made its mark. We were able to communicate to people who had no clue how virtual reality worked.

I think something else that I took away from the experience was being the first to show people how they can immerse themselves into what we worked on.

Valley Reality also had a live stream on Facebook using the Insta360 cameras. So, anyone that was unable to attend the event could see what was going on in live time.

Our projects took a lot of time and it was refreshing to see what we worked on for so long make a positive impact. As I reflect on the team projects, I realized I would’ve never had the opportunity to experience Lesage, West Virginia and meet Sonny and Sherri and show people what we accomplished.

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