Leo Petroglyphs— ancient markings that outlasted the people who made them

Some pieces of history survive longer than any person or civilization who knows the story behind it. One of those pieces rests atop one of the many ridges in Southeast Ohio. The Leo Petroglyph is a collection of ancient marking depicting different figures, including bird, men and fish. In total, there are about 30-40, according to the website.

The icons are thought to have been etched out over 1,000 years ago on the sandstone that still stands today. Some of the figures are abstract, and experts aren’t sure exactly what they’re meant to depict. One elongated, twisted figure has four legs, horns in the middle of its body, and an orb-like object at its rear.

via wiki commons

The etchings were thought to come from a group called the Fort Ancient People, who lived in the region from 1000 A.D. to 1650 A.D. Little is known about the people. They were a sedentary, maize-based society that settled along the Ohio River. There most famous structure left behind is the Serpent Mound. While the mound draws more visitors, the ancient symbols provide a glimpse into the people’s culture and the things in their life they thought important enough to leave behind.

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