How Live Streaming is Cutting Major Cords and Costs

Live streaming has taken the internet by storm. With apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can start a live video with just one touch of your smartphone.

And people are wanting it too. In a study done by New York Magazine and Livestream, audiences are watching 82 percent more live videos in 2016 than they did in 2015.

Infographic by Livestream

If you look at the history of Periscope, it started as a tool for people to live blog and stream popular sporting events. Through that, journalists started to take notice and began using the app for breaking news. Media companies are able to run full broadcasts through the apps, and now they can to be done at a fraction of the cost of a studio.

Studio costs can rack up. Just the control room and studio capabilities will cost almost $2 million, and that’s not even getting a feed to the public onto a television.

Through a product called Wirecast, the cord-cutting is going deep into effect. You can purchase video-switcher software that starts out at $695. Through there, you can stream to Facebook and Periscope in high definition. And it’s just as high tech as a studio, too. It comes with graphics, audio and even a way to do live shots on demand as well.

If news companies start breaking the networks off and going for a more nontraditional way of broadcast, we could see a major transition for the way news is reached within the coming years.

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