Livestreams beaming to a computer near you

That’s right! The Livestream Team will be hosting a series throughout April. Join me and my teammates Nick Henthorn, Alejandro Figueroa and Brad Walker live from Schoonover Center’s podcast room every Friday afternoon starting April 2.

The livestream will be a showcase of our classmates’ work this semester on their individual stories. These will be presented as either short videos or live Q&A sessions between our hosts and the reporter. 

While some aspects of the stream may change between now and our first stream on April 2, we’re planning to use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to add features like lower thirds that identify who you see on screen. We’ll also be using Facebook Live to host the stream and Zoom to call fellow classmates for Q&A sessions about their stories.

I have to give credit to the people who make a living off of streaming. I’m sure it gets easier the more you stream, but getting a livestream to cooperate with Zoom and adding fancy effects using OBS is a lot more involved than I thought it would be. Even using a DSLR camera as a webcam requires software installation. In our case, we’re using a program called EOS Webcam Utility. 

Be sure to check out our social media for updates on the livestreams!

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