The Legacy and Impact of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame sits right off Highway 77 in Canton, Ohio. Canton seems like an unusual place to house the history and legacy of one of America’s favorite pastimes, but without Canton, the NFL may look different today. Due to its popularity with locals and football fans, the Hall is expanding its campus. With a football stadium and multiple sports fields, the Hall intends to add other venues to make Canton the center for all things football. 

While the expansion will generate more jobs and revenue in the Canton area, local businesses are already seeing benefits to being near the Hall. Thanks to a two-week enshrinement festival, visitors and locals can participate in events that celebrate Canton and its football legacy. Unfortunately, COVID-19 put a stop to these annual celebrations. Yet, everyone is planning on how to move forward. Click through the tour below to see the Hall of Fame campus, the surrounding Canton area and learn how impactful the Hall is to the Canton community.

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