Microsoft and Intel Try VR Again at Winter Olympics

Not everyone can take a few days off work, leave the kids with grandma and grandpa to hop on a plane to PyeongChang, South Korea and experience the 2018 Winter Olympics.

That’s why certain news outlets have turned to virtual reality to give fans a closer look at the Winter Olympics.

Adweek ran an article about how Samsung, NBC and others leaned towards virtual reality to showcase some of the world’s greatest athletes. Jaunt VR, for example, teamed up with the Olympic Channel to follow seven teams of athletes and captured their training for events. The two teams named the project, “Trending Gold,”. Although the 2016 Summer Olympics saw event showcased via VR, the 2018 Winter Olympics are the first to feature VR films.

NBC has posted numerous VR videos on it’s website from the Olympics, such as the USA Men’s Curling team winning gold and ski cross.

In regard to how some are responding to this year’s coverage, CBS’ Cody Benjamin enjoyed his time experiencing the events, even though he accidentally ran into his kitchen table while virtually viewing.

Photo Courtesy: NBC
via CBS

On the other hand, Steve Dent of Engadget was on the edge about NBC and Intel’s VR coverage. Dent pointed out some picture quality issues in the coverage, as well as the shots being too wide for the skating events. However, he did find curling fun to watch.

Let us know your thoughts about NBC and Intel’s VR coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics below!


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