WWE and NextVR Bring Wrestlemania in VR

WWE fans who didn’t get to attend Wrestlemania 34 in person will now get the chance to feel like they are there.

NextVR, the leader in broadcasting live events in virtual reality, partnered with WWE back in early January 2018 to give fans a unique experience into WWE’s live events. With the NextVR app, the WWE Universe is able to watch approximately 10 minutes of the action for free.

For Wrestlemania 34 this year, fans were able to watch some of the action in virtual reality for free.

In an interview with Sports Business Daily, WWE Executive VP/Digital & Social Content Jayar Donlan said Wrestlemania is an opportunity for WWE to create an even bigger footprint in social media, “We talk about it like a land grab. It’s really just continuing to grow our audience. We have 850 million-plus social media followers, over 20 billion views last year, the No. 1 sports channel on YouTube. We’re still leaning in.”

The idea to have augmented reality experienced with WWE Superstars is something fans should be excited about, it’s a new concept that the company has never dipped their toes into before.

Donlan said, “We are constantly working with them to make sure they are engaging with fans in a meaningful way.”

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