Moving with VR

Nobody should ever sign a lease or make a purchase sight unseen, but virtual reality might be changing that life tip.

With continuous growth in technology, the impact and use of VR has grown from just entertainment and games to education and housing.

You might ask why someone would use VR to assist them in leasing or purchasing a home, but through this advancement in technology, time and money can be saved on travel when looking at homes or apartments. When looking to relocate and moving far away for family, a job, or whatever the reason might be, it can be hard to travel back and forth while looking for a place to rent or buy. This is especially true when it might be hours or states away from where you now live. VR allows those looking for a place to live an option to view a space before deciding if they want to take the time to set up an appointment to view the place.

Well-known sites like Zillow are using 3D-VR to give online tours to potential buyers as it creates a more immersive experience of the home. Depending on the application used and the site, VR can either be accessed through a user’s smartphone with a simple downloaded app or online through 360-degree videos.

According to the company Matterport’s website, users can, “see the full potential in the places you live, work and play.” This exact copy of a living space puts users into the room to envision themselves living there, while also providing accurate measurements of rooms and furniture.

This particular VR technology is also extremely helpful for realtors trying to sell properties with companies like RoOomy that offer staging services. Their mission is “to help you better visualize your space through the power of 3D, augmented, virtual reality and mixed reality. We know that buying a home is a big decision, and for both the real estate professional and the buyer, seeing a home in its best light makes all the difference.”

In today’s reality, with the help of VR, the classic advice to never buy sight unseen is shifting into a new realm of possibilities and exploration through new technology.

Feature Image Credit: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

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