Take Back the Night: OU Students speak out against Sexual Misconduct

In the advent of recent events regarding sexual misconduct on Ohio University’s campus this school year, this Thursday’s Take Back the Night event is more prominent than ever.

On April 4t, at 6 p.m., students will gather in Baker Ballroom to provide resources, educational opportunities, and exhibits that promote a safe environment for all women across campus.

Starting at 7 p.m. there will be six speakers who will be discussing their personal experiences when it comes to sexual assault.

OU has made national headlines this year with over a dozen reported sexual assaults since the start of the Fall semester.

Matters escalated when three professors were accused of sexual harassment. This would lead to OU settling the case of Andrew Escobedo and his resignation from the University. As well as the ongoing investigations of Dr. Sunggyu Lee and Yusuf Kalyango.

Recently, Anita Hill, tenured professor at Brandeis University, spoke on campus expressing her beliefs about ongoing issues on campus and her stance on sexual harassment in the workplace.

Hill is known for her public allegations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in the early 1990s. She has recently come back on to the national stage after the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings regarding his alleged sexual misconduct.

One thing is for certain, OU students are taking action into their own hands in demanding responsibility and accountability. There have been multiple marches on campus, public speaking events, and educational opportunities to inform the Athens community on the importance of this issue.

This event will be yet another opportunity for people to lift their voices against these evil actions taking place on our campus.

Photo by: Keagan Giordano

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