The difference between VR and AR and how they shape the real estate world

In an era where technology is constantly reshaping the world we live in, lines start to become blurred. I’m talking about virtual reality and augmented reality. You may find it hard to believe, but they’re actually very different.

On our website, you can explore different parts of Appalachia with our 360-degree video. The sequence of the video makes you feel as if you were in those mountains looking at the trees or you were exploring rugged terrain. Virtual reality is delivered through the use of a headset controller or with the tap of the mouse.

Augmented reality is actually quite different. Instead of immersing yourself in a scene like VR, AR is when a subject is augmented into reality. This can be controlled with smartphones and tablets. It probably sounds complicated, right?

However, it’s actually not! Remember that Pokemon GO game that was super popular two summers ago? Well, that was augmented reality.

These two are mostly controlled separately, but who knows what the future has in store for VR and AR technology.

One business that seems to benefit from VR and AR is real estate. The real estate world has benefited from this technology and it is continuously shaping the way agents and firms do business. One benefit in particular is the time spent looking for a new home. People who are looking forward to moving can access an apartment or house with the touch of their tablet. They look around a space using VR or they can plan their floor plan with the help of augmented reality. The possibilities are endless for the future of VR and AR and it will be exciting to see what’s yet to come.


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