The effect on pets amid the coronavirus pandemic

Amid the days of self-quarantine during the coronavirus, we can see how our lives have been changed significantly. One aspect of staying at home that has changed for many throughout the United States is the opportunity to spend more time with their pets. With many pets use to being in their own form of quarantine at home, having their owners constantly there is a huge adjustment. For many pets, it can be a source of stress and anxiety as their own private space and alone time is now reduced.

While pets at home adjust, there are still animals in shelters available to be fostered or adopted. One of the perfect times to take care of an animal is now since we are all home consistently to take a new puppy out for walks, or to get a cat acclimated to being in a new home.

As changes are made every day pertaining to the coronavirus, changes at animal shelters are also being made. While it is essential for workers and volunteers to continue to care for animals during this time, it is not essential that they stay open to the public.

Some shelters, like the Berea Animal Rescue Fund, is still open for adoptions through appointment only and recommend looking at animals online through their website as they depend on adoptions to continue to care for their animals. Other shelters, like the Cleveland Animal Protective League, are closed for adoptions but are open to fostering animals.

“While animal shelters are listed as an essential business, the Stay-at-Home Order does not include leaving home to adopt an animal as an essential activity for people or an exception to staying at home. However, leaving home to foster an animal, which is a much shorter and better controlled process, is still considered a lifesaving and essential activity,” says Sharon Harvey, President and CEO of the Cleveland APL.

Find out more about the coronavirus, pets, and animal shelters below:

For more information on how you can donate, adopt, or foster an animal during this time in the Cleveland area click here:

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