The Ridges: Its Dark Past, Its Construction, Its Redemption

A building with a storied past and a new future. A building once left to mostly rot, now being repurposed.

The Ridges is the spot where the once infamous Athens Insane Asylum still stands. Its bricks show its wear and tear and its history, but is now using its large structure to house new endeavors for the Athens community enjoy.

This story allows you to not only look at some of the most haunting stories of the property, but also allows see the construction that has been done. Interviews from the perspective of an Ohio University student, a recent alumnus, and an Athens local fill out what is a truly interactive piece.

Different tags will take you to articles written in the local paper and give you close-up images and looks at the building and the changes. The construction budget was hefty, but the project has been met with approval, and it seems that it is really just getting started.

This property was once a spot looked on with history, but also with slight sadness. With the University taking these next steps to make it a place where locals and visitors can gather once again is a major step in the right direction in giving this building its ultimate redemption. Balancing the historical integrity of the building with major renovations is a challenge, but one that has been taken and continues to be executed.

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