Welcome to Athens, Ohio!

Take a dive into what makes this town so unique compared to the rest of Appalachia. Through this project, you will be able to take advantage of 360-degree video to immerse yourself in some of the main hot spots in Athens and get exclusive interviews from some of the employees in the town.

You will have the pleasure of meeting three people who embody what Athens is all about.

First, Thomas O’Grady is a part-time professor at Ohio University. Not only does he teach astronomy, but he is one of the main reasons why the Southeast Ohio History Center is filled with rich history. He definitely knows his facts. If you ask him, he will tell you that Southeast Ohio is where the state of Ohio was born. You can listen to his interview by clicking on the red Southeast Ohio History Center location tag.

If you walk down the street from the Southeast Ohio History Center, you will see the purple building that stands out. This is known to host the best coffee in the City of Athens. Donkey Coffee is where Ben goes to work. In his interview you will come to find out what it is that he likes so much about his job and the people that he serves.

Lastly, you will be introduced to Sawyer Summers. As an employee at the Bagel Street Deli on Court Street, Summers will explain what makes the raved about bagel shop a hot spot in Athens. From the tasty bagels to the foil on the walls, there’s no question why this place is popular among the residents.

To see the interviews, click on the picture on the left after you’ve clicked the red pin. Aside from the interviews with locals, you will have the chance to explore other popular areas around Athens by clicking other red location pins.

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