What We’ve Been Working On: Y City News

Our class is just about two months into our time here at Valley Reality, and there’s a lot on the table that we have planned. We’ve been working with three publications around southeastern Ohio: Clutch MOV of Marietta, Y City News of Zanesville and Dimple Times of Circleville.

My name is Paul Roth and I am a senior from Dublin, Ohio. I am part of the social team for Valley Reality (hope you’re enjoying the TikToks), as well as the group working with Y City News out of Zanesville.

We got the chance to go out to Zanesville recently and were able to see some of the things that make the Y City what it is. The Muskingum County courthouse (previously the site of the state capitol), a former mansion being used as a recovery house, a closed restaurant that will soon be transformed into another recovery house and a strip of section eight housing referred to as “The Manor” were just some of the parts of town we were able to see.

These locations are an important part of the virtual reality aspect of our story as we plan to focus on the homeless and recovering population of the city, something that the Y City News staff singled out as a big and important issue in the area that could benefit from more news coverage.

Our group will be making more trips to Zanesville within the coming weeks to gather more footage and hope to do the city and its residents justice with what we put together.

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