Art Galleries on Campus

The Art Scene has always been popular in Athens, Ohio. The College of Fine Arts currently has three art galleries in the surrounding Ohio University area.

ART + DESIGN: 2, 3, 4: Dimensional Photographies Exhibition 

  • This exhibit is contemporary photography that highlights modes of production that move the print off the wall and into 3-D and 4-D images. This gallery focuses in part on the return to historical processes , and calls the attention to its own materiality and unique identity.
  • Open until March 2nd – you can find this gallery in the Ohio University Art Gallery in Seigfred Hall.

Ohio University School of Art + Design Faculty Biennial Exhibition

  • A showcase of a wide variety of media from current work from art faculty members who teach on Ohio University’s multiple campuses. It also exhibits new works from 33 different artists.
  • Open until May 5th – you can catch this gallery up in the Ridges at the Kennedy Museum of Art.

FIRST OF ALL: 1st-Year Studio Art M.F.A. Exhibition

  • An exhibition made up by the first-year Master’s in Fine Art students, who connect to their work through their diverse backgrounds. It showcases works in ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, and painting.
  • Open until March 9th – you can walk through this gallery on Baker Center’s 4th floor in the Trisolini Gallery. Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres will be provided.

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