Is uptown’s landscape changing too much?

Big Mamma’s Burritos could see major changes from new owners, further altering the main strip of Athen’s uptown.

After a visit during Ohio University’s Sibs Weekend, D.P. Dough executives Matt Crumpton and Jerry DePizzo were impressed with the restaurant’s atmosphere. They bought the Athens location on Feb. 5. There haven’t been any concrete changes made to the business so far because the owners want to focus on getting to know the staff and operations. The ultimate goal is that Big Mamma’s remains “an enjoyable place to work,” DePizzo said in an article from the Post.

The news has received some outcry from local residents on social media: “They didn’t do enough damage running DP Dough into the ground?” said one commenter.

Both men are planning to no longer be associated with D.P. Dough going forward. DePizzo, former director of growth for D.P. Dough, and Crumpton, who’s leaving roles as CEO and president of D.P. Dough’s franchising, may just want a fresh start with an already established business.

DePizzo plans on implementing a carryout model, adding snacks, soda and energy drinks, and tobacco in addition to a selection of craft beer. However, this business decision could be misguided because several carry outs have sprung up to capitalize on sales made at late hours. Uptown doesn’t need another convenience shop. It needs originality.
With Court Street Diner turning into a Hangover Easy location and boutique closures, uptown might undergo more changes than it can handle. We can’t let Court Street become just another street. Students, faculty, residents, and visitors alike love it for the unique offerings it has for eating, shopping and more. But before we know it, we might not recognize it anymore.

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