COVID-19 is Showing a Community’s Strength

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to worsen in Ohio, it may seem tough to have a positive outlook on the situation. Despite barren landscapes and streets, this pandemic has and continues to show the strength of communities around the country.

The Athens area is no different. The list of organizations and groups that are helping out others continues to grow.

One of the first side effects of this pandemic was the closing of schools or transferring the learning to an online curriculum. It can be seen on Ohio University’s campus with almost no students, but it is more concerning for the students of area schools, especially for students with food insecurity who are guaranteed a meal at school.

All area schools continue to support their students by supplying them with the meals that they would receive at school.

Photo by Trimble Local Schools’ Superintendent John Hurd on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, of buses leaving to take food to students at home.

It does not stop there. Local businesses are chiming in. Avalanche Pizza was one of the first to provide free lunches to other area students and families during this trying time. The list of businesses supplying food can be found on the Athens Visitor’s Bureau website.

Photo by Avalanche Pizza on Monday, March 23, 2020, of lunches being packed for those in need.

The help continues for the businesses that are supported by those in the Athens area. The non-profit organization Rural Action started a fundraiser for the businesses that are going to be affected by this pandemic.

It almost seems that every single person is getting involved to help out each other, including an Athens favorite, Joe Burrow. Burrow recently released a video on his Twitter account, @Joe_Burrow10, showing his support.

Just as the number of people affected grows, the number of people that are helping out those in need grows. It is a great sign of the communities that everyone lives in, especially in a time where it may seem that some of those communities are further apart than ever before.

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic will get worse before it gets better, but with the help of the community, this is something that will pass.

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