Future of Journalism

We unanimously voted on “Valley Reality” for the name of our website. The name draws from our geological region, the Appalachian and Hocking Valley, and “reality” because our focus is on real places and people.

There have been a couple “Future of Journalism” presentations in class. I reported on Chat Sports website and mobile app. Chat Sports is the first full-service sports media channel on Facebook Live, creating over 20 hours of live, produced video content weekly. The site’s shows range from College Football, NFL, and NBA programming to breaking news coverage of live events. Each show features a highly engaged live audience through comments, polls, and Q&A. Chat Sports approach keeps viewers engaged while informing sports fans.

Another classmate presented on Reporters Without Borders. I had never heard of the website before. The website acts as an advocate for freely reported news and information. The pictures and graphics on the website are extremely compelling. There is a violations of press freedom barometer on the site. I was shocked to see the numbers. For example, three journalists have been killed in 2018 and 182 journalists are imprisoned at this time. It’s refreshing to have an outlet for news about journalists and media. I’m glad there is a group that is fighting for the freedom and the rights of everyone.

All in all, class has been going great! We are excited for our website to go live!

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