How Ohio University’s Theater Programs Have Adjusted to the Pandemic

Almost a year into the pandemic, it is no longer surprising how COVID-19 has affected different aspects of people’s lives. Colleges especially have had to find new and inventive ways to educate their students. One of the programs at Ohio University that has had one of the biggest adjustments is the theater program.

The arts are something that many people have come to lean on and appreciate more during the pandemic. Theater is no different. In an industry that so heavily relies on in-person interactions, it has been a difficult adjustment. The students and faculty at OU, though, have done a great job working around it.

With the spring season coming up, the Lost Flamingo Theatre Company has been working virtually to bring its shows to life. OU’s only student-run theater company will be virtually streaming its spring productions via YouTube. These include plays such as “Tracks,” “The Door,” and “Clue.” These performances will surely be a welcome distraction from the pandemic.

The LFC isn’t the only theater company at OU working virtually. The Tantrum Theater has begun its production of “Spring Awakening.” This acclaimed rock musical about the trials of being a teenager will have the audience on the edge of their seat, or bed.

It seems like we are all looking for some kind of distraction from everything going on around us. These productions are a great opportunity for that, and to support the arts.

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