The Flood Scare of 2018

For many students at Ohio University, February 26, 2018, will be remembered as a free day off from school and, for many, a three day weekend.

Students were encouraged to basically evacuate the campus because of potential flooding risks from the weekends storms. As the week drew to a close, many storms were headed for the area after a week filled with already heavy down pouring thunderstorms.

Many at the meteorology department at Ohio University started running the numbers to figure out how bad it was going to get.

“From the history of the Athens area, it has only been this bad once,” Ohio University student and Meteorology major Jordan Vanichek said. “In 1968, the river got to 26 feet, which is the highest on record. It is projected to be 22 feet if the calculations hold up by Sunday (Feb. 25).”

Photo credits to Jordan Vanichek
The estimation of the Hocking River water rising and the levels of emergency for the surrounding area.

For the weekend weather though, there were no storms on that Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a cloudy day and Sunday was a nice brisk sunny day.

Photo Credits to Jordan Vanichek
The predicted river watch height a day after the original projected warning.

The river did reach high heights, but didn’t have enough to flow into the university or the city.

Still, what is the worst that it has ever gotten?

Results say that the worst flood on record was in 1968 when the Hocking River flooded into Ohio University.

Photo Credits to The Athens News
Above is a picture of 1968 when the Hocking River flooded Lakeview Apartments (now Riverside Towers).



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