Small Town, Smaller Church

The best gems of Southeast Ohio are the hidden ones. One of these is Coolville, Ohio. About 30 minutes outside Athens, the nearest city, Coolville holds a population of only 496 people as of the 2010 U.S. Census. However, don’t be fooled by its size. A drive down the main street reveals that this small town is full of surprises. Coolville boasts its a public library separate from its elementary school, a rarity in small towns. It’s also home to Corey Vales, the 2008 state high jump champion in Division III track and field. And just down Route 50 is the Healing Chapel, Ohio’s smallest church. Join us as we explore this hidden gem of Southeast Ohio. (Pro tip: click to image below to view full screen!)

Special thanks to Kanece Williams, United Campus Ministry and the staff of the Athens Messenger. Without their knowledge, this project would not have been possible. Find UCM on Facebook and the Messenger on Twitter, @AthensMessenger

Video by Cat Hofacker, Katie McDonough, Katie Lemen and D’Asia Leathers

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