ACRN Hosts Second Prom

This past weekend, Ohio University’s student-run radio station ACRN hosted their second-ever Prom event at the Union Bar and Grill. Cincinnati-based bands Tweens and Vacation, as well as Athens’ own Sneaktheif, played at the show. The theme of the event was Emo Prom, celebrating the subculture that defined the mid-2000s. Everyone who came was decked out in their best black eyeliner and boots. The bands provided a great show, and classic bands My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy played between sets. The event serves as the biggest fundraiser of the year for ACRN’s annual Lobsterfest, a music festival featuring both local and out-of-state acts.

Alongside the performing acts, ACRN arranged a live auction that attendees could participate in throughout the night. Prizes included gift cards, records and tattoo vouchers. A Polaroid photo booth was also available for guests who wanted to pose for prom pictures. The band Mover Shaker was originally supposed to headline the show but was forced to drop out due to car troubles only two days before the show, ACRN tweeted. Luckily, Tweens were quick to pick up the open spot. Last year, the prom’s theme was the ‘80s, with headliners Adult Mom and Chris Farren, and this year’s crowd was a little darker than the neon of the previous event.

The fundraising event used to be a date auction but was changed in 2018 to a prom-style event. Instead of auctioning off dates with women, the auction featured other items like cowboy hats and Donkey Coffee gift cards.

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