Another Late Night Munchie Spot Hits Court Street

Fry’d is the newest go to place for Ohio University students, making their way home from the usual marathon that takes?? place that night on Court Street. With the tagline, “Good Vibes, Great Fries,” I had to try it out for myself.  

First of all, the grand opening was worth all the hype. Grammy award-winning rapper, Afroman, made his Athens debut as a brand ambassador and even performed a couple of his hits. Remember Afroman? With incredible jams such as “Because I Got High” and “Crazy Rap” (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags), how could you forget him?

Students flooded the plaza of 5 N Court St., and sang along with Afroman as he performed on the balcony, right above Uptown Clinic. Certainly not your average Friday night, but only in Athens, right?

Now some people may have come for the entertainment, but many stayed for the fries. My personal favorites were the Shroomie fries, which is Fry’d’s take on parmesan garlic truffle fries. I also tried the Buffalo Soldier fries, which are topped with a heaping scoop of buffalo chicken dip. I think my next go around I’ll try the funnel cake fries.

The new french fry restaurant brings a sense of community to the Bobcat family, and also to those living in Athens. The Post broke the first story about the grand opening of Fry’d and introduced the CEO, Myles Cutler. Cutler is a sports management and marketing senior at Ohio University, and his peers, as well as a small town, are rallying behind him to make this restaurant a success.

The atmosphere inside Fry’d is modern and inviting. It has its own original vibe, that is different from any other place in Athens. Interested prospects can check out their instagram to get the visuals, which I do recommend.

But what do I know? Go get a taste for yourself!

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